Based on the west coast, Division 13 doesn’t fit easily into any known category. Award winning web design mixed with strategic creativity, makes for a design group uniquely positioned for the challenges of the fast changing media landscape. Websites, rich media ads, mobile apps, games, viral marketing, social media promotion, and motion graphics, are all part of the Division 13 transmedia toolkit.

Working on some of the biggest films of the last decade, Division 13 is made up of artists, digital designers, tech geeks, gamers, musicians, and most importantly, film lovers. Whether working with directors, producers, or studio marketing teams, Division 13 brings total commitment to each project. From a simple logo for a new art gallery, to the website and games for Teen Titans GO! To The Movies, Division 13 brings the same degree of innovation and commitment to every project.

P: 310.456.8433 I M: 310.466.5219 I INFO@DIVISION13.COM